Retro Birds Turquoise Kitchen Set
Retro Birds Turquoise Kitchen Set

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Retro Birds Turquoise Kitchen Set

USD $11.91 inc GST

Retro Birds Turquoise Kitchen Set comprises of a pot holder, oven mitt and hand towel.

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The Retro Birds Turquoise Kitchen Set is a vibrant and charming collection of kitchen essentials, including a pot holder, oven mitt, and hand towel. The design features a beautiful and bright depiction of New Zealand’s flowers and birds, adding a lively and colorful touch to any kitchen space.
The set includes a pot holder and oven mitt, both of which are adorned with the Retro Birds Turquoise design on the front. The mitt has a plain blue backing, providing a nice contrast to the colorful and lively pattern on the front. The pot holder, on the other hand, is bound with blue, which adds a neat finishing touch to its appearance.
Completing the set is a hand towel, also featuring the Retro Birds Turquoise design. With its practical 100% polyester fabric, the towel is durable, easy to clean, and retains its softness and quality.

The combination of the beautiful and bright New Zealand flowers and birds design, along with the blue accents on the mitt and pot holder, gives the Retro Birds Turquoise Kitchen Set a distinctive and eye-catching appearance. It will undoubtedly brighten up any kitchen and add a cheerful ambiance to the space making it a great gift for anyone who enjoys spending time in the kitchen.

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