Retro Birds Tea Towel
Retro Birds Tea Towel

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Retro Birds Tea Towel

USD $6.41 inc GST

Retro Birds Tea Towel features the gloriously bright design of ‘retro birds.’ The Kea, Saddleback, Tui, Wood Pigeon, Kiwi and Fantail are all there among bright colourful flowers.

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The Retro Birds Tea Towel is absolutely delightful with its gloriously bright and vibrant design! The inclusion of iconic New Zealand birds like the Kea, Saddleback, Tui, Wood Pigeon, Kiwi, and Fantail, along with colorful flowers, creates a cheerful and lively scene that will surely brighten up any kitchen.
Made from 100% cotton, the tea towel promises to be not only visually appealing but also absorbent and practical for everyday use in the kitchen.
The fact that it can be teamed up with other Retro Birds Kitchenware or the cushion cover makes it a perfect option for creating a cohesive and themed gift package for anyone who loves New Zealand’s unique wildlife and appreciates colorful and artistic kitchen decor.
Whether the recipient is a bird lover, a fan of New Zealand’s natural beauty, or simply enjoys adding a pop of color to their kitchen, the Retro Birds Tea Towel is sure to be a cherished and cherished addition to their home.
The Retro Birds Tea Towel is a functional, decorative, and thoughtful gift that celebrates the beauty of New Zealand’s birds and flora. It allows someone to bring the wonders of nature into their daily routines and create a vibrant and joyful atmosphere in their kitchen. A perfect gift choice for bird enthusiasts and those who appreciate the artistry of nature-inspired designs!

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