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Camping Tea Towel

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USD $5.40 inc GST

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Camping Tea Towel

USD $5.40 inc GST

Camping Tea Towel has a very colourful design on a white background featuring all the things envisaged on a New Zealand Holiday.

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The Camping Tea Towel with its vibrant and colorful design is a delightful addition to any kitchen, especially for those who love the idea of a New Zealand holiday filled with outdoor adventures and relaxation!
The illustration of caravans, picnic tables, deck chairs, and sun umbrellas on a white background creates a cheerful and inviting scene, evoking the spirit of a fun-filled camping trip.
Made from 100% cotton, the tea towel promises to be not only visually appealing but also absorbent and functional for everyday use in the kitchen.
The fact that it can be added to the rest of the Caravan Camping range makes it a perfect complement to create a cohesive and themed collection of items, perfect for those who adore camping, caravanning, or simply appreciate the joy of a New Zealand holiday vibe.
Whether someone is a camping enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply enjoys unique and cheerful kitchen accessories, the Camping Tea Towel is sure to brighten up their space and add a touch of vacation vibes to their daily chores.
The Camping Tea Towel is a practical, decorative, and charming gift that captures the essence of a New Zealand holiday and can easily be part of a delightful Caravan Camping range. A lovely way to add a splash of color and joy to someone’s kitchen and bring back happy memories of outdoor adventures!

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