Our Kiwiana range of ornaments feature New Zealand’s favourite birds, the kiwi and the pukeko. Be captivated by our vividly coloured, New Zealand made, ceramic pukekos by Kevin KilsbyThe raw clay is hand painted with underglaze stains, bisque fired, clear glazed and given a final firing to achieve the high gloss. The straight tubular legs on the birds are easily removable and are made from powdercoated aluminium so they will never rust or fade. The springi-legs, also easily removable, made from powdercoated steel and are recommended for indoor use.They make an ideal gift for the keen gardener who wants a New Zealand momento amongst their plants.

Also featured are stunning free-standing glass ornaments forged into the shape of traditional Maori symbols such as the Pikorua, Koru and Hei Matau. Each piece is hand made in blue and green colours to represent the colours of New Zealand’s natural habitats. Great gifts for homes or office.