Alpine Silk

Alpine Silk is an international range of Lanolin skincare products produced right here in New Zealand. It is the market leader within the NZ tourism industry and the favourite Lanolin crème of international visitors to this country.

The success of Alpine Silk stems from its exceptional quality. Lanolin, an oil naturally found in sheep's wool, is nature's premier moisturiser and is the closest oil to that which humans secrete from their skin. 

The Alpine Silk Gold range is our luxury facial skincare brand. Created especially to moisturise, smooth and rejuvenate, these crèmes are enriched with Bee Propolis and Ovine Placenta to revitalise your skin for a more youthful complexion. 

Indulge yourself with some of our unique and luxurious Alpine Silk Lanolin skin care products – designed to make your skin look and feel beautiful! 

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